This documentation is relevant to WMWifiRouter version 1.20 and newer, and has been last updated to reflect the changes in version 1.25.



The base system requirements to run WMWifiRouter are*:

  • Windows Mobile 5 AKU 3.3 or newer or Windows Mobile 6
  • Both a wifi and a cellular data connection
  • An installed and working version of Internet Sharing**
  • 15 MB of free device memory

* Additional requirements may apply.
** Some providers remove Internet Sharing from their branded devices.

We advise Windows Mobile 6. Also note that the 15 MB of free device memory is not used for WMWifiRouter installation (which uses about 2 MB), but to assure Internet Sharing does not  run out of memory while doing heavy duty routing.

Setup wizard
      Interface detection
      Wifi network
Main screen
      Cellular to Wifi
      Cellular to USB
      Cellular to Bluetooth
      Wifi to USB
      USB to Wifi
Connected screen
      NAT mappings
            Reset all settings
            Show log
                  Switch mode
                  Switch mode
                  Switch discoverable
                  Power control
                  Switch connection mode
            Cellular connection
            Wifi network
            IP range
            Port mappings